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Battle of Sexes Jokes... Laying Down the Law

A man and a woman are getting married tomorrow. The man's father pulls him into the other room and tells the groom, "Son, from the very beginning you have to make sure your wife knows who is the boss."

On their honeymoon, the wife comes into the room dressed very seductively. The husband throws his pants at her and tells her to put them on.

The wife says "I will never be able to fit in these, they are much too big." He responds "Exactly, now you know who wears the pants in the family."

She is very distraught as she runs into the bathroom. Moments later, she comes back out and throws her petite sized underwear at him and tells him to put them on.

He exclaims "These would never fit, I can't get into these."

She responds "EXACTLY!!"

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